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Glossier is obviously the godmother of these. Even though it’s not quite three years old, it has clearly inspired — or emboldened — a whole slew of new beauty brands, especially brands selling skincare. Here’s a look at six millennial-focused skincare brands, complete with commentary from millennial women. Most had never heard of any of these brands, and ครีมหน้าขาวใส pantip more than half had never even heard of Glossier. Since social media plays such a big role in marketing now, especially for indie brands with tiny budgets, I asked them to make snap judgments based on the brands’ websites and Instagram feeds. Instagram : 133,000 followers, based in Seattle Herbivore, a natural brand, started out on Etsy in 2011 (not new, but definitely newly buzzy) and was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Julia Willis, 36, and Alex Kummerow, 29. Urban Outfitters came calling in 2013, and it’s now at Sephora , Nordstrom , and multiple boutiques across the country. It’s known for its graphic, minimal white labels with black font and clear bottles that let the color of the product shine through. A representative describes it as “very millennial-oriented.

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